Yard Sale

pink elephantI often have odds and ends for sale listed here:

 10 inch F/4 borofloat parabolic mirror made from a Hercules cellular blank.  Uncoated but price includes coating.  reduced to $900.

12 inch F/7 BVC parabolic mirror.   I got this in a trade poorly done so I reground it and redid the bevel to a perfect cosmetic mirror.  Uncoated $700   Will make a nice Chief.

12V to 110V inverter  $10

Inverter/Speed controller 12V to 110V inverter with push button fas and slow for AP.  Square wave output work well with my platform synchronous motors $97.

Equatorial Platform sale:

Meant for a standard 12 inch Dob and latitude 41.4 degrees.  On sale for $375 !  I’ll include an inverter for battery use.