6 inch F/8 Chief

It looks like an ordinary F/8 Newtonian until you look in the front.   This 6 inch Chief is made of Baltic birch and is as good a piece of furniture as it is a telescope.   It’s mounted on an alt/azimuth fork with stainless handles for easy transport.  The side bearings are put on with 2-sided tape for now and can be taken off if a GEM is used.  Correcting lenses are AR coated mounted under the Moonlight focuser.   Price: $1590  Temp


I attended the NYAA Starfest Aug. 15-17th and had a great time, the hospitality of the folks there was awesome  (they even found me an air compressor for when my low tire pressure warning light came on).  Unfortunately I brought 2 nights of clouds from Cincinnati but Saturday night was clear.  I took a 6 inch Chief and my 7 inch medial refractor which did great except for my refractor dewing up a couple of times. It was very well organized and I’d highly recommend it.  It’s not all that far for us mid-westerners. I gave a workshop on building a Chief on Friday and a talk on the unique telescope designs I’ve done over the years on Saturday.  Here’s a few pics. thanks to Craig Lewis.