Cloudy Nights 8 inch F/7 group build

I started a thread on Cloudy Nights for a group build of an 8 inch F/7 Chief. I have had a custom lens make to mate with a Newport Optics COTS lens so that all the optics for this design can be bought and assembled into an unobstructed telescope. The 8 inch F/7 is a standard primary listed on Discovery’s web site. The concave corrector I am having made, the convex corrector is a Newport optics KPX205 lens and is listed for $75. Then it uses a 2 inch secondary mirror and a standard 2.14 inch mirror will work fine from a number of suppliers. Below is the optical prescription in Zemax for the 90 degree layout although other layout are possible

Here is a closeup of the correctors with coordinates taken from the Zemax layout.

Here is a link to CAD files and Zemax files.







http://8 inch F7 correctors.png


Yahoo Groups closing

I have moved files and pictures to my web page.  Some files did not transfer to WordPress, many like OSLO file could be put in Word and hopefully can be transferred back.  I had to skip some file that were similar or that I think were not something ATMs would ever make.  If anyone thinks there’s something I should have included or have any new material or pictures just email me at my address.